Take COVID-19 as an opportunity to make the sustainable use of
"Hokkaido-ness" and "Beauty of the Nature"

Beyond COVID-19

New Eastern Hokkaido

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The Road to Naturelbeauty for Eastern Hokkaido Destination Management Organization

For the fans of Eastern Hokkaido

Especially Eastern Hokkaido among Hokkaido is a region surrounded by nature with much less people,
where social distancing comes naturally.
Eastern Hokkaido has its own stories of the climate associated with the great nature.
This page introduces the efforts being made here in Eastern Hokkaido, a vast area surrounded by nature.
It has been a difficult time for all of us to go traveling; however,
we hope this page will be able to give you ideas for your next trip to Eastern Hokkaido when the day comes.

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Feel Kawayu Onsen with five senses “Steam Bathing Walk Along the Hot Spring River”

Kawayu Onsen (Kawayu Hot Spring) is located between Lake Mashu whose transparency is one of the best in the world and Lake Kussharo which is Japan’s largest crater lake. It is a sulfur spring with high medicinal effects and the origin of the abundant amounts of water is Mt. Iou. Some new efforts are being taken in Kawayu Onsen using the high bactericidal effect of the water source.

A prayer for COVID-19 to end “Lake Akan Prayer to Kamuy – Kamuy Kooripaku“

We’d like more people to know the spirit of the Ainu people who have protected the forest of Akan with a deep respect for nature. Through the Ainu Prayer, we also would like to express our sincere gratitude and best wishes to all the medical professionals around the world who have been dedicating their time and energy to treat people infected by COVID-19.

Winter breathtaking views existing in social distancing space “Ice Art in Eastern Hokkaido”

Eastern Hokkaido in winter shows a totally different look from summer. The magnificent scenery, created by all the conditions of the weather and the time of the day, is a once-in-a-lifetime scenery that you’d never be able to see again. It is a truly artistic world brought by nature under a severe climate of -20 degrees in Celsius (-4 degrees in Fahrenheit) that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

“Smelt Ice Fishing” on Lake Akan and Lake Abashiri

Smelt ice fishing is well known and popular as a winter activity in Hokkaido, but not many people know that it doesn’t require that much preparation to start. Rent all the tools needed, and you’re good to go! Smelt ice fishing is an extra fine leisure experience that also lets you fry and eat freshly caught smelt.

Eastern Hokkaido

Eastern Hokkaido, a vast area with full of nature, offers a variety of experiences you would enjoy thanks to the cold winter. Even though Eastern Hokkaido almost never gets crowded, the distance between the local people and you travelers stays close. We are aware that it’s not the right time, but we just can’t help waiting for your visit.
We’d like to inform you with the “Current Eastern Hokkaido”, the various ways people here live the life giving consideration to the nature.

Measures and efforts being taken
in Eastern Hokkaido

Shiretoko Branding Concepts

Shiretoko is filled with great nature, abundant local products, and activities of the people living here. Shiretoko seeks to open up a future that Shiretoko will continue to be selected as a tourist destination and a place of residence by boosting its brand value.

The most beautiful sunset of Kushiro is in winter. “Kushiro Sightseeing Cruise”

It's such a luxurious cruise to watch Kushiro's sunset, one of the world's three greatest sunsets, from the sea! The air is clear and the odds of fine weather are relatively high in winter, which means you'll get to see an especially beautiful sunset. Safety measures against infectious diseases have been thoroughly implemented by disinfecting and ventilating the ship regularly.

Share your time with the Ainu. "Lake Akan Ainu Culture Guided Tour"

Do not forget your respect and gratitude for nature. This is the spirituality of the Ainu. Go on a journey to experience the Ainu culture through embroidery, wood carving, a walk in the forest and along the lake under the guidance of the Ainu.
Lake Akan

Project to fully enjoy Akan-Mashu National Park. "Night Museum in Kawayu Forest"

In October 2020, an experimental event was held for 9 days to learn about the Earth, the forests, and living creatures. The event consisted of various concepts such as night field museum of volcanoes & stars and night museum in Kawayu forest "Forest of a Picture Book."
Lake Mashu &
Lake Kussharo

Fat Bike Riding along the coast covered with drift ice

Ride a fat bike on the snow-covered beach while viewing the drift ice spreading in the Sea of Okhotsk in the middle of winter. It is an awesome playground for fat bike riding in the clear air surrounded by Mt. Shari, Mt. Unabetsu, and Shiretoko Mountain Range.

Nature creates a magnificent scenery of heaven's sky. "Bihoro Pass & Sea of Clouds Winter Tour"

The roadside rest area (michi no eki), "Gurutto Panorama Bihoro Pass" has been receiving the best award as a beautiful view spot for 6 years in a row. This is an early morning guided tour to enjoy a breathtaking view of a sea of clouds at Bihoro Pass. Start your day from this beautiful and fantastic place.

Ride a bike on a frozen lake! "Drift Ice Ride in Kitami"

Ride a fat bike on the surface of a frozen lake and along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk being covered with drift ice. This fancy experience limited to winter season only cannot be offered anywhere else, and it will surely bring you a new sensation of fun.

Operation newly started in January, 2021, "Garinko III IMERU"

The newly build icebreaker ship "Garinko III IMERU" started its service on January 9, 2021. The icebreaker cruise tour now runs with two ships with "Garinko II." The name of the new ship "IMERU" means "light" in the Ainu language, and it's a three-floored structure designed to carry more passengers.

The boundless sea becomes the "Ice Horizon." Walk Tour on the Frozen Sea

From late January to mid-March when the sea inside Notsuke Bay freezes, an ice-covered vast land called "Ice Horizon" appears. The scenery with the contrast of "white" of the land and "blue" of the sky will take you to a world of another dimension.

Horseback riding style of Mutsu Ranch "Mutsu Ranch Hidamari Riding Club"

Anyone at any age can enjoy horseback riding with ease. Feel the true joy of horseback riding in the snow field through all the experiences not only riding but also placing a saddle, tidying up, and communicating with horses.

The snowfield is all yours. "Snow Peak Tokachi Poroshiri Camp Field"

This is one of the few campsites in Hokkaido which allows winter camping. Safety measures against COVID-19 have been thoroughly implemented by installing safety barriers made of PVC at the communal kitchens and any other places where there could be crowds. The camp field in winter expects less people than summer, so you can avoid "Three Cs."

Have authentic green tea "Matcha" at "Top Tea House" at the highest altitude in Hokkaido.

Top Tea House is now newly open at the gondola mountaintop station of Tokachi Sahoro Resort Ski at an altitude of 1,000 meters (3,280 ft)! Freshly brewed green tea and charcoal-grilled sweet rice dumplings are served. Have a relaxing time as gazing at the greatest view.

Examples of measures against
infectious disease

Measures against COVID-19 have been conducted in all the possible ways in Eastern Hokkaido.
This page shows an example of the measures taken.

All the major tourist facilities in the city have been taking the latest infectious disease control

In the newly built icebreaker ship "Garinko III IMERU" and Marine Exchange Center, measures against COVID-19 have been conducted through temperature measurement using thermography, and disinfecting the air using chlorous acid sprayers.

Safety measures against COVID-19 at "Tokachi Sahoro Resort Ski"

Every possible measure against COVID-19 has been taken so that all the guests can enjoy their stay without concerns about getting infected. Hand sanitizers have been placed all over the location, and every guest is subject to temperature screening. Each gondola lift is limited to one group at a time.

Safety measures against COVID-19 at “Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan”

In addition to the "New Hokkaido Style" safety guidelines, a reception desk will be placed at the entrance with hand sanitizers to conduct temperature screenings on all the visitors, and of course every one of them will be required to wear a mask. A reception desk will also be placed at the gate of each facility such as the ice bar and the open-air bath to limit the number of people to enter.
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